Never Again

It struck through the veins, and let the bones stand straight.
The feeling of loneliness has become something never forgotten but something that will never remain.

The tears of a strong person has splashed down into pure memory of the one who has become weak.

The sun shined through the clouds and shifted through for the eye to see.
It has given a true meaning of tomorrow, and that it is a new day.

Wounded by the non supporters that let the heart down and never again seen. For the heart becomes strong again by wisdom from the spoken.

Never again shall the wind pass through and knock the flesh over, but to stand straight with power never seen before.


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  1. Genae Barron says:

    Dear Feministtalk, Thank you for posting this poem Never Again. I am not that good with poetry, but for me, the idea is that traumatizing, terrible things happen women’s lives, but that she learns, grows, and becomes stronger from it. Although it is never better that it happened in the first place, women have a talent for surviving the harshest storms and coming out stronger on the other side. Xoxo.

    1. feministtalk says:

      Thank you!, I tend to write poetry when something has tried to shatter me. I have been writing poetry for a while, and this is one that I wrote probably a few years ago. At that time I didn’t find strength in myself, and other times I did. But knowing that I can look back and see a huge difference in who I am really does push me to be stronger mentally. Everyone goes through struggles, and some are good at hiding them.

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