A Desired Freedom For The Oppressed

By Rhonda Nemri

Passing that moment in my life that tries so hard to bring the hurt to me for my wants.

Standing still looking around fighting to see the freedom I have been longing for.

You stand there over me with your hurtful words, and your abusive sentiments that you call love. This is your victory.

I am trembling in hurt, and all there is, is myself that keeps me going in this life.

The freedom that I shall see is none other than the ability to speak, the ability to be heard, and the ability to decide my destiny without any faults.

Oh how you choose my weakness for your happiness. You have toyed with me like a child, yet I am not. You have toyed with me as if I am helpless, and not full of life, yet there is life to be seen. Oh how the oppression of my life has put me in a longing for this freedom that I’ve tried to receive.

I struggle to be prosperous in this wretched life, but all that prosperity is, is for me to be submissive in your eyes. I shall hope to live the life I long for, but due to your loss of compassion, and your loss of love for life, you have kept me shielded. You have tormented me in your moments of despair, because despair is all you feel.

Oh how the oppression of my life has put me in a longing for this freedom that I’ve tried to receive. I shall see the oppression as a piece of my life to dismiss. For I shall not let the actions of your abuse destroy me.

Oh how I tremble in hurt, and all you see is anguish.

Oh how I tremble in hurt and all you do is despise me.

Oh how I tremble in sufferings and all you do is stand above me and slash at the wounds I never longed for.

Oh how the oppressions of my life has put me in a longing for this freedom that I’ve tried to receive. I shall see the oppression as a piece of my life to dismiss.  I shall not let the actions of your abuse destroy me.

I plea for a better tomorrow, but all I have to live for is today. For I shall always remember the unsubtly words you threw at me while I curled up in my thoughts of loss.


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  1. We stand in shock, we respond in inordinate submission, and then as it continues, we flee, and then eventually resist. If we could ever be freed enough from the emotional entanglement, the bond of love and affection, the comfort of companionship long enough to heed the red flags, we could perhaps escape unhealthy relationship before it has its worse ways with our hearts.

    1. feministtalk says:

      Yeah there is so much inspiration at this moment that allowed me to write this. I have seen people go through a lot of hurt and struggle within relationships. It is hard to flee or escape unhealthy relationships because we believe that those are the relationships that helps us when really they destroy our minds, and body. Welcome back to reading my posts 🙂

  2. I discovered through the years, through observation and my own stubborn trial and error, that, as we are three-part beings (spirit, soul, body), that we have core and surface compatibility needs on each level that greatly determine the health and longevity of the relationship. Core compatibilities are things that almost essentially need to really match without alteration or compromise. Surface ones are negotiable and sometimes to great extremes.

    I have seen that codependency on relationships leads to compromising core compatibility values, which leads to great frustrations and riffs. Whether it be something as obvious as abuse (verbal or physical…men can be abused too, believe me!), or something more under the surface such as key beliefs or true attraction, sometimes we find ourselves vulnerable to compromise our core when we feel we ‘need’ a relationship or don’t know how to be healthily single with freedom and peace within.

    Excellent expression and flow, which attends the mind to the key of your content. (Not to sound like a critic!) Blessings…

    1. feministtalk says:

      Well this can be taken in many different directions. There is a lot of metaphor in this poem. A lot of oppression does not specifically come from being in a relationship, but coming from society. So I hoped to accomplish a universal connection to this, not just relating to physical or emotional abuse in relationships. Thank you for your comments and key points. 🙂

  3. Interesting how we see first what speaks most to us from our past or current circumstances that we’ve been through. Your poem has universality in its setting and principles expressed. Sorry to assume and run with it in one direction! 🙂

    1. feministtalk says:

      Thank you!. the whole point was to speak to a broad audience. I am glad it helped you see my words and connect it with current or past occurrences. It is fine no apologies.

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