A Writers Intent

By: Rhonda Nemri A writers intent is to provide a different perspective to others. To let the reader experience another persons experiences whether fiction or non fiction. A writers need is to fully express themselves, and most times it’s done creatively. A writer hopes for many readers and commentaries on their writings. But whether one…

Destructive Power

By : Rhonda Nemri They cut you. They cut you so deep, you bleed. But you don’t bleed to death. Just a bunch of cuts that become scars. You don’t walk away, you forgive them. Each time you forgive them, you think to yourself it will be better. When really, you’re handing them that power….

The Fools Will Chatter

By: Rhonda Nemri Photograph painted and photo edited By: Rhonda Nemri I mustn’t show my tears. Or else the fools will chatter. I mustn’t show my smile. Or else the fools will chatter. I mustn’t grief out loud. Or else the fools will chatter. I must show my tears. Or else the fools will chatter….

Happy International Women’s Day 2013

Happy Women’s International Day! This is an important day for us women!. Each one of you have an ability to make a change, and inspire others. You have a voice, and you can be empowering. Do not let anyone tell you, you can’t be something, or do something, because you are a woman. Show that…